Orlando Coworking

est. 2005

Did you know that there is a global community of people dedicated to the values of Collaboration, Openness, Community, Accessibility, and Sustainability in their workplaces? It's called Coworking, and people seem to think it's swell. If you have the freedom to choose where and how you work or want to support the needs of people who do, you may want to consider joining or starting a local coworking community.

Work with Us

Coworking in the Park: Join us at the Orlando Constitution Green for a morning of coworking and lunch in Thornton Park.
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The Grassroots Method

  1. Arrange to work with others at a coffee shop or other public space.
  2. Announce it by sending a tweet to @orlandocoworker to notify others.
  3. Check replies to @OrlandoCoworker to see if anyone is Coworking today.
  4. A group meets at Downtown Credo on Smith St in College Park every Tuesday. We usually go to lunch together in the neighborhood.

Other Methods

A Brief History

In 2005 a conference called BlogOrlando (and the web 2.0 era) catalyzed a host of events, meetups, beer drinking, kaffeklatsch, and chatter about a new concept called "Coworking". A group of like-minded individuals got together every Friday — now every Tuesday — and worked. The faces change from time to time, but the sentiment remains the same: WORKING ALONE SUCKS.

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